Saturday, October 26, 2013

Time to run ladies and gentlemen...

This workout was taken directly from the fine folks from the NC Lab:

Time to run ladies and gentlemen…
Here are the words from Coach Chris:

Performance = Interval Duration + Recovery Duration

Elite runners typically target intervals for one specific race distance.  In contrast, CrossFit athletes must be proficient in a multitude of distances.  This is why the interval distances, intensity levels, and recovery durations in our workouts must be constantly varied.

Controlled interval pacing will remain at the core of our training.   Pace setting is our top priority.   Although I am intentionally targeting a specific metabolic pathway in all of our workouts, I am also equally focused on developing your exertion intelligence.

What about exertion intelligence during recovery?

Elite runners place little value on recovery during competitions.  CrossFit athletes don’t have this luxury.  We must consider recovery as a key measure of performance.  How many Games athletes dropped places due to mismanaged recovery?  Recovery intelligence must be included in your training program.  CrossFit athletes must learn to maximize their recovery.

I programmed a variation of the below workout during a recent conversation with Josh Bridges.   We mutually recognize the importance of pace selection based on the recovery expectation.  Pacing balance and knowledge will come from experience.

NC Lab. Week 6.

600m w/ 300m jog recovery 
400m w/ 200m jog recovery
800m w/ 400m jog recovery
200m w/ 100m jog recovery

1 min additional rest

600m w/ 150m walking recovery
400m w/ 100m walking recovery
800m w/ 200m walking recovery
200m w/ 50m walking recovery

1 min additional rest

600m w/ 1:1 (work to rest) passive rest 
400m w/ 1:1 (work to rest) passive rest
800m w/ 1:1 (work to rest) passive rest
200m w/ 1:1 (work to rest) passive rest

Workout Description:  This workout is programmed to address 3 different types of recovery.  The key to a successful workout is the selection of a proper interval pace for the opening round.  The interval pacing and recovery durations should be consistent from round to round. The ratio of work to rest will be 1:1 for the jog recovery, walk recovery, and passive rest.

Workout Example:  I would recommend a 5:30 miler to target a 1:28-1:30/400m pace for this 7500m workout.  The rest would equal the same 600m @2:15, 400m @1:30, 800m @3:00, 200m @0:45 duration.  That said, your 1st round 600m interval would be completed in 2:15 and the jog recovery would be completed in 2:15.  Your 2nd round 600m interval would be completed in 2:15 and your walk recovery would be completed in 2:15.  And yes…. your 3rd round would follow the same pattern.

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