Friday, November 22, 2013

See You in The Fast Lane

Workout credit from the NC Lab. Click Here.

athletes typically have solid run performances up to 2 minutes. However, inefficiencies within their aerobic energy system begin restricting their performance as they extend their endurance curve.

Their primary limiting factor is the ability to move and utilize oxygen. Although speed is still critical to success, nothing is more important than the ability to absorb oxygen. Our goal is to maximize your oxygen absorption by creating a more robust and efficient aerobic system.

The Formula: CrossFit athletes must create physiological balance in their programming in order to maximize overall athletic performance.

· CrossFit remains the source for high intensity.
· Aerobic capacity training provides the balance.

The success of aerobic capacity training is dependent on your workout intensity. All endurance workouts have prescribed pace ranges for every interval. These personalized pace ranges are based on the workout distance, the interval distance and your individual PR times. This is how intensity is controlled, internal pace setting learned, and performance gains are measured.

(This workout will test your aerobic capacity.)

5 x 1000m 

-Rest between efforts 1:1 (work:rest) with max rest of 5 min.
-Perform these intervals at a fast, but repeatable anaerobic threshold pace. 

6:00 mile PR = 1000m pace target of 4:21 (52/200m)
6:30 mile PR = 1000m pace target of 4:40 (56/200m)
7:00 mile PR = 1000m pace target of 4:55 (59/200m)

-Rest 5 min-

3 x 400m 

-Rest 1:3 (work:rest)

(The fast finish becomes the focus of this workout. The pace for the 400s is intended to be fast. We will treat these 400s like a fast race finish. As example, a 60 second 400m runner would target 74-76 per 400m. Our goal is to prepare for CrossFit events with a sprint to the finish.)

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