Monday, November 18, 2013

The Kettlebell’s Gravitational Pull

The Kettlebell's Gravitation Pull by: Michael Kasprenski

CrossFit - Forging Elite Fitness,” it certainly does that! Whether by design or happenstance, CrossFit has forged much more than elite fitness. CrossFit has forged a community that has taken on grand proportions, a community that did not exist before. It is a community that reaches in every direction. It is expanding globally, it reaches out to every fitness level and includes individuals of every age and variety. In that sense it is anything but elitist.

A kettlebell, like any mass, has a strong gravitational force, at least that is my theory. My Crossfit community began with one individual and a kettlebell. I watched a guy complete a workout in the gym where I am a personal trainer. I’ve seen many workouts, but I had never seen anything like that before. “Can you show me what you just did?” that is all it took. That kettlebell pulled us all in, we had no control, our workouts went from two of us to thirty of us under a bridge to a Box (Steel Caliber Crossfit). It is a Box around which so many of our lives now revolve. And, it draws in more of us everyday.

But just how big can this community get? I don’t think it has a limit, just another theory I have. Here on cmXfit Chad and I comment daily on our workouts, include links to the experts and gather the best information we can. Many of you have hit the “like” button and made comments including the likes of Pat Sherwood, Carl Paoli, and…. It is that kind of encouragement, advice and participation that keeps us all going. It is why I say that the Crossfit Community has no limits. We are all in this together, no matter your life experiences or fitness level. We support each other.

What else can the Crossfit community do? It certainly has improved my scrabble game. Daniel Tyminski plays a killer scrabble game. I’ve never met the guy but he’s kicked up my workouts AND my vocabulary.

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