Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kaitlin Hardy: Bar Muscle-Up Drills and Progressions

Mastering the Bar Muscle Up By: Dusty Hyland

Bar Muscle-Ups, Ring Muscle-Ups, Handstand Push-ups and any of the other Crossfit gymnastics skills are 40% strength and 60% technique. 

Understanding how to make each motion as easy as possible will not only increase your skill set, but also maximize efficiency to ultimately increase your WOD score. 

Beginner gymnastics drills can be used to teach kipping bar muscle ups. 

-Start at a front support on the bar with a pair of rings hanging down between your hands. 

-With your legs hanging straight down, measure the height of the rings so that with your hips against the bar and your legs straight, the arches of your feet can rest inside each ring. For safety, keep your legs straight for the entire drill, and be sure that your feet maintain constant contact with the rings. 

-With your arms straight, let yourself swing backward from front support allowing your feet and hips to rise. After reaching full extension, allow yourself to use your momentum to swing backwards and pull your upper body back to the front support starting position. 

-Gradually work on lowering the rings so that you eventually have to do greater work in returning to your starting position. Focus on pulling backwards and then up to the bar; this mirrors the final pull of a bar muscle up.

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