Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Put Strength First

"When you encounter an obstacle that defeats your strength, all of the metabolic conditioning in the world won’t get you over the wall."

Today's Article: Put Strength First

A.) Bench Press (5 x 6) (80%)

-Warm up sets of 6 up to your first working set
- goal is to get heavier weight than last Week at 5 reps

B.) Four Sets of: Weighted Chin-Ups x 8

Bodyweight x 8 *Warm-up set*
Weighted 4 x 8 
- goal is to get same weight than last week at 6 reps for 8 reps.

C.) Four sets of: Weighted Dips x 10

Bodyweight x 10 *Warm-up set*
Weighted 4 x 10 
- goal is to get same weight as last week at 8 reps for 10 reps.

D.) Strict Press (5 x 6) (75%)

- Every rep should feel explosive and strong, no grinding reps, we are not trying to burn out our CNS.

E.)  Elbow Flexor Exercise:

Perform 5 sets of 8 reps of (ONE) of the following exercises:

Barbell curls (regular or thick bar)
DB curls (standing)
Seated Incline DB curls
Hammer curls
Iso-hold DB curls

E2.) AbMat Sit-ups 5 x 20

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