Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 118

A.) Warm-up:

Jumping Jacks - 3x10
Air Squats - 3x10
Fire Hydrants - 2x10 on each side
Bird Dogs - 2x10 on each side
Glute Bridges - 2x10
High Knee Skips - 3x25 yards
Sprint - 3x30 yards

B.) Agility

Agility Ladder x 6 (demo)

Speed Work

C.) 4 x flying 40′s 

*Each run is actually 80 yards. start by running 20 yards, when you hit the 20-yard mark sprint 40 yards as fast as possible, then slow to a good run for the final 20 yards.* 

D.) EMOM x 10 Minutes:

100 yard sprint

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