Thursday, June 5, 2014

Off Season: Day 57

A.) Bounding (demo)

10 x standing triple jump, rest as needed.


B.) Sprints (demo)

5 shuttles of: 10 yards and back + 20 yards and back, rest as needed.

C.) Track Session: “Tosh Sprints”

3 Rounds for time of:

200m Sprint, rest equal time + 400m Sprint, rest equal time + 600m Sprint, rest equal time.


  1. That's it a USATF Level II Jumps Specialist, we are definitely going to have to work on that triple jump when I come home later this month. Haha...keep the videos coming, love seeing them!

    1. You should have seen the first few sets... I actually thought we got better as we went on! I'm open to learning anything track related when you get home. Knowledge is power. Thanks bro!