Thursday, June 26, 2014

Off Season: Day 76

A.) Speed Work “Sgt. Slaughter”

3 Rounds of:

1 minute to complete: 100 yard sprint (50 yards out and back)
2 minutes to complete: 200 yard sprint (100 yards out and back)
3 minutes to complete: 300 yard sprint (50 yards and back, 100 yards and back)

*Do this on a football field if possible.*

With a running clock:

- On the call of “Go” sprint to the 50 and back.
- On the 1 minute mark sprint to the 100 and back.
- On the 3 minute mark sprint to the 50 and back, 100 and back. This concludes one full round.
- On the 6 minute mark start the cycle over again with the 50 and back. 
- Complete three rounds, for 9 total sprints.

Both hand must touch the ground on the far side of every turn around line.

Record times for all nine intervals.

B.) Snatch Complex

High Hang + Hang + OHS (work up to a heavy set)

C.) Clean and Jerk

7 x Power Clean + Split Jerk, climbing

D.) Squat

5×7 Back Squats, across


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