Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 34

A. Bench 

Bench Press

Work up to a 1 rep max

B. Accessory Movement

Push Press

1 set of 15-20 reps
1 set to failure

You should be reaching failure between reps 15 and 20 reps on the second set. Use the first set to determine the appropriate weight.

C. Superset 

3 Sets of,

1. Strict Bent Over Row x 6-8 reps 

– Overhand grip. No torso movement up or down throughout ROM.

2. Rehab High Hang Muscle Snatch x 8-12 

– This isn’t about how much weight you can get up. Focus on the external rotation (aka “the turnover”) and slight press up at the end of the movement. NO OVER EXTENSION of the midline. 

Watch the demo video here.

D. Accessory Movement

Clean Grip Shrugs (4 x 12)

– Retract shoulders as you shrug. Shoulders should go up and BACK, not up and forward.

E. MetCon (Time)


Run 1 mile with a 20 pound medicine ball
60 Burpee pull-ups
Run 800 meters with a 20 pound medicine ball
30 Burpee pull-ups
Run 400 meters with a 20 pound medicine ball
15 Burpee pull-ups

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