Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 35

A. Snatch 

6 x 2, OTM at 60%

B. Clean and Jerk

6 x 2, OTM at 60%

C. Bounding 

Lateral Bounds (6 x 4) – Over and back = 2 reps. 

No pause on landing should. These should resemble a “Touch and Go” rep. 
Rest as needed between sets. Watch the demo video here

D. Single Leg Movement

Barbell Reverse Lunge (2 x 10) – 5/side, alternating.

E. MetCon 

5 Rounds for time

50m Heavy Forward Sled Push – Heavy enough that is forces a walk. If you can run it’s too light.
15 GHD Sit -ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

On the sled drags choose a weight that is right for you. Remember we are not always after faster times and better scores. Sometimes its about the stimulus not the score.

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