Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 50

A. Jump rope 60 seconds, drop rope and do 10 high squat jumps. This is one rep. 15 seconds rest. 5 reps

B. Sprint 50 yards, then slow jog back to start as active recovery. 10 reps

C. Sprint 40 yards, then immediate back pedal back to start. 10 reps

D. Sprint 30 yards, then lunge walk back to start. 10 reps

E. Sprint 20, touch line, sprint 20 back to start (100%) 15 seconds rest. 5 reps 

F. Sprint 15, touch line, sprint back to start, touch line, then sprint and stride out 50 yards. 30 seconds rest. 5 reps.

G. Buffalo runs: Standing on the sideline, sprint the width of the field, touch line, sprint back, touch line, sprint back, touch line and sprint back to start. 2 minutes rest. 4 reps.

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