Thursday, December 12, 2013

Active Shoulders.

Wil Fleming's 3 Phase Olympic Lifting Warm-Up

Phase 1: Mobility
Phase 2: Activation
Phase 3: Movement Prep

Strength: Work to today's (1RM) Snatch. 
Then, drop 30 lbs (or so) off your last make, for 3 sets of 2.

Strength: Work to today's (1RM) Clean & Jerk.
Then, drop 30 lbs (or so) off last make for 3 sets of 2.

MetCon: EMOM 10 minutes:

Top of the minute: 7 hand-release push-ups (feet on 45 lbs plate)
Every :30 mark: 5 chin-ups, short iso-hold at the top position

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