Monday, December 23, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Strength: (For time)

A.) 4x15 unbroken Deadlifts, 225/155 - must be touch and go.
rest 2 minutes
B.) 3x5 unbroken Bench Press, 225/135 - Scale as needed, should be heavy.
rest 2 minutes
C.) 3x10 unbroken Front Squats, 185/115 - taken from a rack.
rest 2 minutes
D.) 2x5 unbroken Jerks, 185/115 - taken from a rack.
rest 2 minutes
E.) 1x5 unbroken OHS, 185/115 - taken from a rack.

This entire session is for time, but don't allow yourself to work with bad mechanics - be smart and take the time you need to get the reps and drill in good movement. You must break after the prescribed reps and if you can't get a set unbroken you must redo that set.

MetCon (For Time)
160-120-80 Double Unders
80-60-40 Air Squats
40-30-20 HR Push ups

Huge Congrats goes out to Charles and Jess, the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

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