Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suns Out, Guns Out.


A) Chin-up 3 x 8

-Weighted if applicable

Strength (Superset)

B1) Incline DB Press 3 x 8 (rest 30s)
B2) DB or KB One Arm Row 3 x 10 (rest 30s)

Strength (Superset)

C1) Weighted Dips 1 x 10 (BW) 3 x 8 (Weighted) (rest 30s)
C2) DB Decline Pullover 3 x 10 (rest 30s)

MetCon: (Time)

Double Unders
Push Ups

Vanity (Superset): 

Any kind of bicep curl 3 x 12

-On the Med Ball Slams, be advised that the ball WILL bounce back quickly. Please protect your face.

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